Sunday, 4 October 2009

Isaac’s Undulating Blanket - Crochet

Ta Dah!
Here it is finally finished and delivered safely to Isaac’s student boudoir!
Vital Statistics:
156 Stitches per row
111 rows
54” x 79”
Total 17,316 stitches – only a mother would do this.
Can anyone please suggest a suitable caption for this photo……………….


Mrs Twins said...

Absolutely stunning! I should imagine your son is really pleased with this. What a lovely gift from his mom. I'm really enjoying the colours here. Well done! So excited for you it's gorgeous!,

Mrs Twins said...

Absolutely stunning! I should think your son loves this ripple. Proper manly colours. It's come out really, really nice,. WEll done to you mom! Congratulations,

Anonymous said...

ummmmmmm maybe refer to the T-shirt
its about the only good part realy

Anjie said...

That's a labour of love, he's a very lucky boy, It'll be like a comfort blanket to remind him of home!

Barbara Robinson said...

What an achievement. My son loves his blanket too. In answer to anonymous - if you can't put your name DON'T comment.

Barbara Robinson

The Sunroom said...


Thank You :-)

Dena said...

a caption of:
Sleepy Student...refer to emergency instructions on shirt!
Great job on the blankie!