Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Well I know that I should be busily shredding and cutting fabric strips/yarn to complete writing up my Crochet Rag Rug ‘How to’. for you all today. However the light levels are truly diabolical at the moment so I can’t photograph as I go. This is a necessary pre-requisite for blogging a tutorial and utterly useless if all the photo’s are pitch black.
175-7581_IMGThese are the balls of fabric yarn that I should be working on. 
So it’s time to have coffee and croissant instead. While I’m doing that I thought I could share some of my autumn inspired photos with you. You could have had a photo of my snack but really you wouldn’t have seen very much.
Instead have some cake :-)
175-7571_IMGThis is Aidan’s Sunday cake. We all take it in turns to bake a cake on Sunday and this week he created this. He has obviously been influenced by my recent ‘heart’ overtones. He also took a variety of arty photo’s but I drew the line at an upside down cake.
Of a more seasonal note – Conkers.
175-7561_IMGWe have them by the 1000’s and some have even been planted, so we will just have to wait and see.
175-7565_IMGA gift of pears that I attempted to style as a heart, a tad unsuccessfully I might add. 
Coffee & croissant now done I shall get on with some work. Have a good day.

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