Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Baby Developmental Ball

This is a relatively easy ball to make for any new baby. It is hyperbolic but don’t be intimidate by the word. I think this ball is developmental because of the shape, texture, formation and of course, the black and white colour.

Why Black and White? High Contrast Colors are STILL the best. Newborns can see from birth, just not as clearly as an older child or adult. Until your child is about six months of age, he will respond best to bold, contrasting colors and graphics. That’s why it’s important to provide your baby with toys that feature the visual extremes of black, white and red. These high-contrast colors will captivate and hold baby’s attention, encouraging visual development as well as physical activity – like wiggling, kicking, and arm waving.Genius Babies
50g white double knitting or worsted yarn
Black dk to do the final round, 5mm hook.
Chain 3 and join with sl st.
Work 5 sc into the ring and join with sl st,
Rnd 1-7 from here onwards work continuously in dbsc round and around. Do not join the rounds with sl st. You may wish to use a stitch marker to count the rounds.
Rnd 8 – single dc into each st
Rnd 9 – work 1 sc, 1 dbsc all around.
Rnd 10 – join the black and work one continuous round in single sc.

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Tilly Rose said...

As a specialist visual impairment teaching assistant I have to say well're spot on!
As a crocheter I have to say well're spot on too!!
What a lovely idea....I may have to just copy you as the texture will be fab for the children I work with!
Thanks hun
Karen x

The Sunroom said...

Tilly I know this,

Aside from understanding where you are at. I am trained /educated in psychology as well as mad crocheter :-) I have three children and they are all off the psycholocical academic scale, one of them is 99/9th centile, he can't be measured because he's off the scale completely. Above 120%. Some doctors quoted 158% and the other's haven't measured. Because there isn't a scale.

I TOTALLY understnd these children wherever they are. If there is any way I can help or assist you or your children (your babies or the one one's you work with) - Please do let me know.

Linda said...

This is a great use of Hyperbolic crochet! It's such an easy pattern and babies can get it inot their hands! Great Idea!!!

Carey said...

I am a bit confused by the abbreviation dbsc?? I have searched through all my books and even online and cannot find what type of stitch this would be. Can you please shed some insight as to the wording that abbreviation stands for?

The Sunroom said...

Hi Carey,
What I mean is a double single crochet into each stitch, so you are continually doubling the size. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

are 2 double single crochets worked in each stitchin each round?

The Sunroom said...

Hi There,

Yes 2 dc in each existing stitch, you are then doubling the size continually.

Cre said...

I'm not sure what a double single crochet is. Could you please provide instructions on how to do this stitch?

The Sunroom said...

Hi Cre,

dbsc is one of my own terms meaning double single crochet. i.e. work two sc into one st or space. It seems entirely logical to me sorry I wasn't more explicit and I hope this helps you.

One Ordinary Woman said...

I made this for my son's pediatrician. It was her baby's favorite toy for quite a while. Now I try to make one for all the babies I sew for!

AmandaLeigh said...

Absolutely wonderful pattern. I whipped up several in one evening and they now litter the floor in my sons room. Hes just a year so I made them white with different primary color edging so we can start working on color recognition in a fun way. Thank you again for this lovely pattern.

Anonymous said...

What is the approximate diameter of the ball? Thank you.

smquint said...

Does it matter what kind of yarn is used (i.e., wool, acrylic, cotton)? Most babies will put stuff like this in their mouths - is that a problem?

thanks - it's a great pattern!

Anonymous said...

Imade this ball for my grandson using pom pom wool or I believe its known in the USA as Gnochi wool. My daughter took it to playgroup for my grandson and now the other mothers want one for their baby as well!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this!!!

Anonymous said...

I am working on this right now and it is easier than I thought. It is a cute pattern. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I love this pattern but could you tell me what the approximate diameter of the ball is? I made it but it seems huge for a baby. Thanks again.