Monday, 26 October 2009

Feather & Fan Cowl Knitting Pattern

This cowl is made using the basic feather and fan pattern. Here I worked four rows alternating two different colours.
50g of print DK or worsted, 50g plain DK or worsted. Pair of 6.5mm needles, tapestry/darning needle to finish.
c/o 92 stitches
Row 1 - Knit
Row 2 – purl
Row 3 – k1, *k2tog 3 times, yo k1 6 times*, ** rep to last stitch and K1
Row 4 – Knit
These four rows are repeated until the desired length is achieved. Here I completed 28 rows.
6” x 21”
c/o – cast on
k - knit
p – purl
K2tog – knit 2 together
yo – yarn over
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1 comment:

nittineedles said...

I'm knitting your pretty cowl for my mother and I believe row 3 of your pattern should read: k2tog 6 times instead of 3 times. Also, it is less confusing if you put brackets around 2 or more stitches that are to be reapeated such as: (yo, k1) 6 times. I hope I haven't offended you with my suggestion. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern.