Friday, 9 October 2009

Frantic Friday

Hello Everyone,

I just thought I would do a quick blog before the weekend and then turn the PC off so I can get on with numerous ‘To do’s’

Yesterday I received some beautiful hand painted yarn from Fyberspates and felt compelled to create something quickly.

176-7614_IMGThis is absolutely gorgeous and so thick and snuggly. The only answer for this was something to keep you warm and so I created a crocheted 1 hour cowl. Yes 1 hour and it was all complete.

176-7615_IMGMore details on the pattern to follow soon.

I have also been working on a sample for a new ‘something’ I haven’t quite decide what this pattern would best lend itself to yet but I like it.

176-7609_IMGHa it looks like a bat here!

I must be in a winter mood, not surprising given the weather in Scotland the past few days, this seems to have neck applications too. A collar, a scarf, a evening choker wrap. I’ll figure it out when I’m busy doing something else.

I finally got the much promised rag rug tutorial done and trust you’ve all been hard at it. If you missed it Rag Rug Tutorial. I have continued with my rug and will post picture early next week I have gone off at my usual tangent and it is emerging as a new type of rug.

Earlier in the week I was inspired by Anjie, as I often am, at PomPomemporium. She had done a blog on Ladybird books and as someone who has collected these in the past again felt I had to uncover mine. So a little bit of Nostalgia for the weekend.

175-7597_IMG Ladybird1 I must be getting old as I think they just don't make them like that anymore.

Now I know that it only seems like the bat of an eye since the kids went back to school. Here we are again with them about to have a two week holiday. So rather than let them sit in front of a computer, laptop, game boy or X cube how about a little hands on crafting.

What about making a knitting machine? also known as dolly bobbin or knitting Nancy. Instructions below.

Ladybird2Those were the days.

176-7601_IMGI have also received a couple of samples of Artesano wool this week – turn away now if you are sensitive.


176-7612_IMGThey are too beautiful to touch so I thought I would just photograph them instead.

I am now busy designing and documenting crochet patterns for a knitting, crochet and stitching charity group named Loving Hands. I will blog in detail about the group next week but if you are interested you can find out more here Loving Hands 

Next week I will also be giving you my personal précis on the emerging yet very difficult to get hold of Inside Crochet publication. Until then have a great weekend an be creative.



Anjie said...

I covet your Ladybird books. The style of illustration is unmistakable and comforting in a nostalgic kind of way! The Toys and Games book was right up my street, I loved making things as a child. I bet you did too

The Sunroom said...

Hi Anjie,
I Love making them as an adult never mind as a child :-) Can you email me pls? I wanted to speak to you about a possible creative project.I don't have your email.