Thursday, 22 October 2009

How to Crochet an Egg Cosy

Hello Everyone,
I have decided to create a ‘how to’ tutorial to crochet an egg cosy. Thank you to all the people who have voted for me in the Dorset Cereal Little Blog Awards. With just over a week to go I would very much appreciate it if you shy readers, who haven’t voted yet, place your vote here :-)
Materials: Any small amount of double knitting yarn. Here I used red cotton. A 4.5mm crochet hook and a darning needle.
177-7730_IMG Let us begin.
Ch 3 and join with a slip stitch
Rnd 1:  ch 1, sc four times into the ring. Join with sl st. From this point forward just work in the round continually without any sl st.
Here I have placed stitch marker to know when each round begins. You can get my crochet stitch markers here or you can just use a safety pin.
Rnd 2: now sc twice into each st (10)
Rnd 3: * sc 1 st, dbsc next st,* ** rep to end (15)  
Rnd 4: * sc 1 st, dbsc next st,* ** rep to end (21)
Rnd 5-13: Work single sc into each st. I finished after row 13 but you may wish to continue if you have particularly large eggs. Break off yarn and sew all ends in.



eight by six said...

so cute, wish I could crochet.

The Sunroom said...


Do you knit - I think you do ?

Anonymous said...

Well that sounds good. The image on the link on the right is broken so I doubt many people would click on it. Yes, it accpeted my vote.

Jenny said...

Lovely cosy, make a great Christmas stocking filler. How I wish I could crochet but then I do have lots of knitting to do at the moment. One day.

Sylvia said...

My mother made all kinds of egg cosy hats in the 70's and we used them every Easter. She had a hat for everyone. Now that our family has grown I feel I need to crochet
some more hats to keep up with the tradition. I want to make a policeman hat, hard hat and a chef hat also something for my young nieces and nephews. My mothers patterns were in Dutch. If you have and ideas I would really appreciate it. Thanks Sylvia