Sunday, 11 October 2009

Loving Hands Charity Knitters

I don’t know how many of you do knitting or crocheting for charity? I don’t know how many of you have thought about doing it but never got around to it. I wanted to introduce you to a group of stitchers called Loving Hands 

A couple of years ago I was doing a search on knitting and it’s therapeutic benefits. I had recently had a hand injury and had used knitting to get my hand functionality back. I wanted to know more about the role of knitting in any type of therapy. Anyway the first thing that I found in my search was Loving Hands which was a happy coincidence. I then discovered that Loving Hands were literally on my doorstep.

The Lady who created and runs the group Lou is a absolute angel. She has had no easy time of life in the past couple of years but this does not deter her from making Loving Hands the success it is.


“we are now over 700 strong and growing in leaps and bounds - we have lots of wee sub groups dotted around the country now with lovely names - The Marsden Cuckoos and the Happy Hookers are just two of the very appropriately named groups on the lunatic fringe of Loving Hands ;0)”

The group has a forum for members and it a very friendly community to join. So much information is available in the group and on the forum everyone is keen to help. There are charity stitcher’s from every part of the UK and abroad. No matter what level you are at your contributions will be more than welcome. The group isn’t just for knitters of course there are crocheter’s and stitcher’s and everyone is given a warm welcome.

Loving Hands supports a variety of charitable cause and more information can be found on their website Loving Hands to find out more or to join the group you can email Lou direct

The group has ongoing projects but 4 times a year Lou runs ‘challenges’ to inspire the group and to bring focus and support to particular charities. The challenges also add new interest and inspiration.

Spring 2009 saw an interesting new group benefit from the Loving Hands group.

“A Scottish Bird Conservation group had an appeal out looking for bags to use to save baby puffins who are blown from their nests on St Kilda ! (Now officially know as pufflings according to our Suzanne). Suzanne has been in touch and they are delighted that we want to help out. They said they can use as many bags as we give them as there were other wildlife groups jumped on the bandwagon and said to them if they had any spare could they have them for things like baby hedgehogs.”

The current challenge is due to finish on 17th October, 2009 and so there will be a new challenge issued shortly thereafter. Knitting or crocheting for charity is a rewarding pastime and can be a positive activity to undertake on cold winter evenings.

I am currently working on producing a some crochet patterns exclusively for Loving Hands and will post these as soon as possible.


The Garden Bell said...

Love all those colored skeins of yarn. I feel a Lucy ripple coming on... Hope you don't mind if I follow along.

The Sunroom said...

Happy to have you here :-)
You've inspired me to dig my Matisse books and catalogues out - watch this space.
Thank you