Monday, 26 October 2009

Grumpy Old Women

Chin Up Britain, The Grumpies Fight Back - Yes they're back and they're grumpier than ever!

A brand spanking new show from three of Britain's Top Grumps, including; Jenny "the spleen burster" Eclair- the original grump and star of many grumpy shows including the West End run and the tour of Australia. Wendi "mad dog" Peters - the all singing, all dancing ex Corrie grrrrrrrrump; and finally the Queen of Soap, Stage and taking things back to Marks and Spencers, Ms Susie "the huffer" Blake, (looks like a normal middle aged woman - but scarier). Ninety minutes of advanced Grumping - plus vital tips on getting through these gloomy days the Grumpy way!

Including....Beauty on a budget (using items you might find under the sink), how to be dance appropriate and the joy of fresh air.

Special Offer - for this tour only, the indispensable Grumpy Rumpy Pumpy guide to safe sex (The Grumpy Karma Sutra).

If you haven’t got your tickets yet then you can get them here Grumpy Old Women, although quite a few places are sold out already.

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