Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Heart Rag Rug Crochet

Here we have it my newest crochet rag rug. I started and completed this yesterday and think it’s exceptionally pretty and so I’ve named it ‘Pretty in Pink.
As you will see I’ve been experimenting with photographs and making mosaics. I think I’ve been avoiding doing Isaac’s blanket – which needs to be finito by Friday, yikes. I was working on his blanket before 7am this morning in an effort to gain some ground. Collages2
Much as I love this pretty in pink heart rug I have decided to sell it. If you are interested in purchasing this rug please email me for details.
 Available to purchase SOLD
This rug would be perfect for a little girl, teen girl or a big girls boudoir, I really do love this one off and the colours are sublime.
I will be blogging a ‘crochet rag rug tutorial’ next week so get cutting your fabric and check back soon.


Ann O'Donovan, Devon, UK said...

This looks very pretty- was in made from cut up cottons? Look forward to seeing your tutorial next week.
Thanks, Ann

The Sunroom said...

Hi Ann
Yes the rug is made up of cut up cottons although many other types of fabric can be used.
Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Will you share this pattern?

The Sunroom said...

Yes of course I will publish this pattern - I just need to write it up. Watch this space :-)

Grace Abounds said...

This is exactly what I've been looking for! A friend of mine knows I crochet and asked if I knew how to make a heart rug. I don't have a pattern for it, but saw her pics from days past (I guess her grandma had made them). Yours looks WONDERFUL! I will definitely want the pattern if you ever get it on your blog. You do such nice work :)

Tamara Slack

beachkoz said...

Your rag rug is lovely. Did you dye the fabric? What width are the strips of cloth? 1"? I see no new comments since 2009, but are you still available?

The Sunroom said...

Thank you BeachKoz,

Full pattern and details available at