Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Knitted Octagon Pattern

Do you all remember my ‘Octagon’ blanket project? The Octagon Blanket Project
Well today I had a lady called Linda contact me from Texas, for a knitting pattern for an Octagon and so here is a basic pattern. I will need to get out all my octagons and make some progress on them real soon.
Worked in 4-ply yarn
Using No. 11 needles cast on 12 sts.
Work in pattern of your choice,(here I have used garter stitch) inc. 1 st at both ends of next and every alternate row until there are 26sts on needle.
Work 14 rows straight.
Dec. 1 sts at both ends of next and every alternate row until 12 sts remain. Cast off


Lindsey said...

What's your pattern for the filler squares? It WILL be worth it once you're done- beautiful!

The Sunroom said...

Funny you should mention this I keep getting the little octagons out and looking at them and then shaking my head. I think this is invitably going to turn into a knit and crochet combination. It is my intention to get on with it very soon - so watch this space :-)

inthegarden54 said...

knitted octagon pattern, use little diamond shapes in light color to hook them up together.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea!!have you devised a pattern to fill in these gaps?I would love to know!

Anne said...

Somehow I still think this would be easier in an crocheted octagon granny square. Maybe the knit would be more solid though