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Knitted Pumpkin Tea Cosy Pattern



Before beginning your project please measure your teapot and note the measurements down. Here m tea pot measured 13” circumference at the base and the lid. The fullest part of the pot measured 19.5” circumference I designed the pattern to fit this size of teapot. If yours differs then you will need to adjust the pattern. The beginning of the handle was 1” from the base and the beginning of the spout was 1.5” from the base.


Any DK or worsted weight yarn with a little stretch. I used 100% acrylic DK approx. 25gs and a little bottle green for the lid.

Pair of 6mm needles (I used straight as my circular needles were too long)

Darning needle, stitch holder.

Stitches used:

Cast On

K - Knit

P - Purl

c/o Cast Off

dec - Decrease

K2 tog – knit 2 together

P2 tog – purl 2 together

Rep – repeat

Dec. decrease

CC – change colour (bottle green)

MC – main colour (orange)



Cast on 70 sts.

Row 1 – K1, *P5, K2*, **rep to end finishing with K1

Row 2 – P1, *K5, P2*, ** rep to end finishing with P1

Row 3 – Work as row 1

Row 4 – Work as row 2

Rows 5,6,7,8 - work in same pattern of row 1 & 2

Row 9 – work in pattern until 33rd St c/o 2 sts

Row 10 – work in pattern until 32nd stitch c/o 2sts, put remaining 33 stitches onto a stitch holder

Row 11- c/o 1 st at beg of row, work in pattern to end of row

Row 12 – work in pattern and dec. 1st at end of row

Row 13 – dec. 1 st work in pattern to end.

Row 14 – work in pattern to end, break off yarn and put all stitches onto a stitch holder.

Row 15 – take stitches of stitch holder from other side of the cosy and put back onto the needle. c/o 1st, work in pattern to end.

Row 16 – work in pattern dec 1 st at end of the row

Row 17 – dec 1 st work in pattern to end

Row 18 – work pattern across all sts, cast on 10 new stitches, join with other side and work straight across all sts in pattern.

Row 19 & 20 – work both rows in pattern

Row 21 – K1, *P5, K2 tog*, ** repeat to end

Row 22 – Work pattern across all sts

Row 23 – *K1, P2 tog, P1, P2 tog,*, ** rep to end

Row 24 – Work pattern across all sts

Row 25 – *K1, P1, CC P1*, ** rep to end

Row 26 – with *MC (p1), CC – K3, (p1 MC)* rep to end and tie off MC

Row 27 – working in CC (dark Green) work pattern across.

Row 28 – *P1, K2 tog, k1*, ** rep to end

Row 29 – Work pattern across

Row 30 – *P1, K2 tog*, ** repeat to end

Row 31 – K1, P1 to end

Row 32 – K2 tog repeat to end

Row 33 – P all across

Row 34 – K all across

Row 35 – P 2 tog repeat to end

Row 36 – Cast off Knit wise.


Begin by sewing up to the handle and then above the handle to the lid. I left a small ring gap at the top to grip the lid, but you may wish to sew up completely.

I then crocheted around the spout gap and the handle to finish off.

If you find the bottom of the cosy isn’t as tight as you wish you can add a knitted or crocheted cuff at the bottom. Pick up the stitches and work around reducing stitches each row until you feel it is snug.

This could be done with plain garter stitch or standard ribbing. Here I crocheted as follows.

Row 1- crocheted into 63sts using sc (dc US)

Row 2 – sc all around decreasing every 7th st,

Row 3 – sc all around decreasing every 6th st,

Row 4 – sc all around decreasing every 5th st,

Row 5 – sc all around decreasing every 4th st,

Bind off and darn all ends in.

Find my Handmade Silver Crochet or Knitting Stitch Markers here

Crochet Knitting

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Anonymous said...

Ca dépote!! On dirait vraiment une citrouille

The Sunroom said...

Merci de vos mots aimables

theneon said...

This is so adorable -- it makes me want to learn to knit -- I crochet.

The Sunroom said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I will try and produce a crochet pattern for a tea cosy in the coming weeks :-)