Friday, 4 September 2009

Socks- Love Them or Hate Them It’s Socks

Hello Everyone,

As we draw to the close of another week it’s time to review – what have we achieved ? Well I started the week feeling busy,busy, busy and as we come to the weekend I have to say I feel much the same. I do feel that I have managed to achieve quite a bit too though.

I have been fighting with socks this week and finally feel that I’ve got that particular baby licked! I am just about to do the final few rows of sock 2 and the sewing in of loose ends. Then I’ll be able to say I’ve done it. I’m already planning a variation on pair 1. I will post photgraphs of my achievement next week.



In the interim if you are looking for crochet inspiration on the sock front then why not visit

This pattern didn’t work for me but then I’m not really a pattern follower. I prefer to study a variety of construction techniques and then just have a go blind and see what happens. Yes there is lot’s of trial and error but once you’ve knuckle it, you’ve knuckled it.

Working this way is not without it’s problems, don’t get me wrong, as you have to be constantly scribbling things down, making notes and in the aftermath of completion you then need to decipher your notes. At the time of creative brainstorming and note takig it all makes complete sense but then you need to make it make sense to other people as well.

Back to the socks – it’s worth visiting to have a look at their free crochet patterns. Here I found socks that purported to be ‘easy’


Over at Pompomemporium Anjie did a great blog on flip flop socks which was very interesting and inspiring. The major problem for me was that they were all knitting pattern references – which is fine if that’s how you want to construct your socks. Me nah, I’ve been down that route too many times before. I can honestly say I must be the only person in the UK to have knitted a sock for the abomniable snowman.

Yes for years I’ve fought with DPNS and four needles, three needles and circular needles. It just doesn’t work for me. It’s good to know when to quit then you can move on to something and actually achieve it. I even found a pattern for two needle socks but even they turned out looking like adult fancy dress bootees. Those days are now behind me now – I’m no longer the willing victim of any ‘Knitting’ sock pattern. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a ‘knittist’ – in fact knitting can be good but in my opinion, crochet is much better.

Another great sock designer can be found here

Nicole is obviously very accomplished in designing crochet socks but I have to say I think she must be something of a masochist. I loved the socks but hated the patterns. Maybe it got lost in translation or I’m plain dumb, but definitely worth a visit. Regardless of your craft knitting or crocheting both pattern centrals have a huge stash of free sock patterns, check them out.

Have any of you people heard of or

I had a lot of visitors from these sites last night. So welcome to everyone who came from these sites – good to have you on board.

Okay so to the weekend we go. I’m now off to go and make lemon curd and finish making a handmade Christmas card with a crocheted snowflake of course.

Whatever you do have a great weekend and relax, rest and create.

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Yup, you are correct, I love it when it hurts. :p