Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunroom Crochet Sock Collection Autumn 2009

Well who would have thought that crochet socks could be so easy and also so fabulous. As I have already said I have fought with knitting socks for too many moons. I had to all intents and purposes given up with the blighters. So finally I’ve done it. I have made socks for Fit flops or flip flops, I have adjusted this original pattern and come up with some croc socks and finally managed a pair of ‘him’ socks.


Firstly the ‘him’ socks as yet to be named. Made here with Regia self patterning sock yarn. I’m so please with these and so is he.


Here we have my take on Fit Flop socks. The yarn used here is pretty wild and wacky. It’s 100% hand dyed wool that I imported from china – unfortunately it doesn't have a name. The crochet socks however do – As I designed the pattern and wrote it up as I went they were affectionately labelled – the fighting socks.


What wild, wonderful and chaotic colours. The yarn used here was thicker than normal sock yarn but worked equally as well, in my opinion.


And finally my croc socks – made in normal double knitting Robin yarn. I chose the colours to illustrate the pattern.


And here they are inside the crocs okay the crocs are a tad oversized for me, but you get the idea.


I will be publishing my patterns for all of the above crochet creations. But as we head to winter and we start thinking about wearing boots I want to design a couple more types of socks. I want to think about both boot socks and knee high socks.

I hope you like the socks and maybe feel inspired to have a go at making them.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure how I came across your blog, but am enjoying it very much. I would like to purchase the pattern for the sunroom crocheted socks, collection autumn 2009 if possible. I have never made socks, but have always wanted some. Thanks you very much.
Linda Kay