Friday, 11 September 2009

What Were They Thinking Of ?

It’s Friday and it’s fun day. This week I thought I would bring together a collection of links and photographs that made me either laugh, smile or ask myself – ‘What were they thinking of ?’. I hope this will bring a smile to some of your faces if not a quizzical expression. This post is not intended to be a jibe at anyone and I hope that everyone will take it in the manner it is intended.

My first question here is, What exactly is this about ? Why on earth would anyone produce this ? To find out visit the link below.


And you can get the pattern here

Here again I found an absolute beauty – this little fella’s are so cute, don’t you think?

beanzThey are adorable and so beautifully made but I just can’t help wondering what exactly you might do with them, perhaps use them as a dieting aid? Any ideas please post a comment and share.

Next up this little tale had me rolling around with laughter. The expression on the little girls face speaks a thousand words. Absolutely superb.


My, my, my what have we here? If you aren’t crying with laughter at this point I suggest you seek help immediately. I’m tempted to say what is this- but it’s pretty explicit I think.

So how about ‘This is my 4-Wool drive’

Chuffed ... Lauren and her knitted Ferrari

The picture below is from a fantastic blog called ‘Why would you knit that ? and this particular post was entitled WHY – my sentiments exactly.



What about a crochet ostomy bag???

How about a turkey butt?

Pattern here:

These look like oddly coloured carrots and definitely inedible.



I love the quote below this picture on the log.

These friendlier grenades are in love. Aren't they cute? (^_^)

and more……………….

Further info and explanation can be found at crochet creations for the playful at heart,

A Robot Hat & Cocoon

Robot Baby Cocoon

Pattern can be found here -

Well these are the ones I’ve discovered this week. If you know of anymore knitted or crochet unusual items, oddities or just plain absurd items please post a link or email me.

Hope you smiled and have a great day.

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Kathy Anderson said...

I think the odd colored carrots might be corn on the cob.

kathy anderson

The Sunroom said...

Hi Kathy,

I think indeed you may be right. I hope no one is offended and took the post in the spirit it was written in.