Monday, 21 September 2009

Manic Monday

I’m not quite sure why it is but Monday always seems to turn out to be a strange day. No matter what I plan in advance, come Monday it all seems to change. Oh well the best laid plans . . .

Well the weekend brought the dreaded cold/flu to our house so we’ve had one poorly child to attend to. Generally they spend their lives driving you nuts but when they get sick you just want them back to normal again. So I’ve had a quiet and tired floppy child to look after today. No appetite and no energy to do anything. So rather than dispense medicine at regular intervals I decided to crochet him some fingerless gloves. He loves wearing these but has a tendency to lose at least 1 of every pair.

Now I thought I was being kind offering to whip these up for him and when I asked about colours I instantly regretted it. Yes he wanted black – which is fine on a bright sunny day when you can sit in the garden and create and crochet. But with eyesight like mine, even with specs on and a dull day in Scotland and it becomes a painful and somewhat slow process. Anyway I got there in the end despite the black yarn.


I think he now feels better just knowing that I cared enough to spend some time making him something. Just goes to show, that the old adage, that demonstrating to someone that you care can be the best medicine of all. His comments were ‘they’re interesting’. I’m not quite sure what to deduce from this statement – maybe he’s still too sick to articulate what he really means.

Over the weekend I’ve been busy working on a couple of new designs. I’m also plodding away with number one son’s blanket – afghan, throw. He has recently departed and gone off to University. I had thought about designing him a crochet faculty Scarf – but the likelihood of him wearing it is remote. I’m not exactly sure what he will make of the blanket but I think it’s great.


He asked me to do something ‘blue’ which is somewhat restricting and so I’ve interpreted this as an ocean colour scheme.


Here’s a couple of preview pictures.


I hope to unveil the final project and photos later in the week.


As well as having featured pattern of the day on Daily Knitter on 18th September, 2009. I also had a featured pattern of the day today on Daily Crocheter. Over the weekend I got an email from the people at find me on folksy and they had featured my crochet stitch markers and my knitting stitch markers in their recent stitch and bitch post.


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Hey, I was wondering if you had a pattern for these gloves that you made?

If you do please email it to me