Monday, 28 September 2009

Under Pressure

Well it’s Monday which means I have heaps and heaps of ideas and what seems like a limited amount of time to achieve even a small percentage of these ideas.
174-7442_IMGI’m very stretched working on the above crochet wave blanket. I’m making this for my first born who has gone off to university. I’m going to visit him on Saturday so this project now has a finite deadline. I would much rather work on a project because I’m loving the process not because it needs to be done, then it becomes a chore :-(
Thanks to all the recent postal disruption I have been waiting on a few deliveries and one of them finally arrived today. The kitchen has now become a Chinese laundry as I’ve been dying a variety of fabrics today. My washing line looks like multicoloured mayhem – but pleasing to my eye.
Lots of newly coloured fabrics to create with. I am about to start a prodded rag rug this week which will be interesting. I’m also going to be crocheting a new rag rag and writing up the pattern. Seeing all these colourful fabrics has given me the urge to create some wall hangings etc.
174-7499_IMGI’ve been working on this loveheart today and feel it has the potential to become something more. A wall hanging maybe. Or using some applique and machine embroidery a cushion cover. I’m not decided on this one yet but mulling it over.
174-7456_IMGLast week I had a week in cowls and still need to write up the patterns for these little crocheted numbers.174-7451_IMG Looking at my diary for last week I think I achieved about 60% of what I was aiming for. That wasn’t too bad given that I had little folks who were off school with the cold/flu. I also managed to get a few other things done that hadn’t been on the list. It’s good to at least to aim to be organised. I normally write everything up on a Sunday that I hope to achieve in the coming week. This week I’ve failed so had better go and do it now.
Then I will need to get on with the blanket……… I do know that many of you will understand my reticence to rush this through hastily. But you will all understand the necessity of a deadline self imposed or otherwise.

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