Monday, 14 September 2009

Happy Halloween Bunting Crochet

Happy Halloween Bunting – Crochet Pattern.
20-25g Bight Orange DK - MC
10g Black DK - CC
Scrap Black material
5mm & 6mm hook, darning needle, fabric glue
Here my bunting is made up of 11 different happy pumpkins and measures approx 8ft. You can use more or less crocheted pumpkins depending on the size required.

Stitches: This sc & double SC throughout – US dc & double dc, sl st.
Pumpkin Pattern:
Using 5mm hook - chain 3, sl st, join circle.
Row 1: ch 1 sc x 5 into the circle, sl st
Row 2: ch 1, dbsc x 12, sl st
Row 3: ch 1, *dbsc 1, sc 1,* rep to end, sl st
Row 4: ch 1, sc into all stitches to end, sl st
Row 5: ch 1, *dbsc 1, sc 1,* rep to end, sl st
Row 6: ch 1 sc into all stitches to end, sl st, break yarn off and join in CC
Row 7: ch 1 sc into all stitches to end sl st, break yarn.
Sew all ends in as you go along.
Make the desired amount of pumpkins. Then block if required. Next choose the type of faces for your pumpkins, mine are happy but you could make scary ones. Cut the scrap fabric to make faces and then glue to the pumpkins. Leave overnight to dry completely.
Using 6mm hook
Here I used chunky black wool but you can double up (2 strands) DK wool.
Row 1: *chain 20 sts, join 1st pumpkin by doing 3 sc sts into three spaces at the top of your pumpkin’, repeat this until final stitch and chain once more.
Row 2: Turn and sc into 2nd stitch and right across. Break yarn off and sew in all ends.
173-7371_IMGThis pattern is offered and made available for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce this in any way please contact me or make sure that reference is made to the original author’s blog Thank you


sukigirl said...

Thanks so much for the cute pattern.
If I get some time I'll make a couple and hang them in my neighbours' children's tree house as a surprise.

SierraMoon said...

wow this one is fun !
i wish i had seen this before... because there's not enough time left for me to crochet it (school break here !)
if you don't mind i'll bookmarked it for next year :)

Between Me and You said...

My new project!Love them.Thank you.