Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hats Outrageous – Lisa Hafey

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Buttons £2.00
Frustrated artist, jobbing craftster. Ex-pat Aussie living in London. Currently raising money through selling my crafts to fund my daughter's costs to attend the 22nd World Scouting Jamboree in Sweden next year! I'm called "Hats Outrageous!" because I needed a name for a stall I did at my kids' primary school summer fair last year; I was known around the school for making crochet hats (beanies and the like), so Hats Outrageous! it was! Of course, I don't just do hats...I love crochet, lots of it. I'm working on bags at the moment made from recycled/upcycled t-shirt yarn; they're totes or shoulder bags (or whatever) - in lairy colours or sedate; I've had some good feedback about them, so I think I"m on the right track... I'm also quite obsessed with buttons, and I've listed a few of my lovelies that I'm prepared to part with...sniff! I like to sew, I like to knit, I like to do...ooh. whatever - as I said, frustrated artist. About a thousand years ago I attended art school (but didn't finish because I was young and cool and rebellious (right!) and didn't want to do what I was supposed to...), but then I left and got a job and settled down and got married and had went by the I'm getting back into a huge way. I teach crochet in 5 week blocks during term time, one night a week, 2 hours a session. We had an absolute blast last term, and I'm hoping some of my "old" class will return for the new term...we'll see!
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Upcycled T-Shirt Shopping Bag £10.00
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Messenger Bag £15.00
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T-Shirt Tote £15.00
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Bunting £10.00
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NOfkantsCurios said...

I think Lisa's items are lovely! I especially love her eco green shopping bags! Would be great for the beach!

Lovely feature Aileen!

Natalie x

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, what pretty items. I love to see othe people's crochet work. Love those bags.

Good luck with the fundraising - it's for a good cause!

Havea great Thursday :-)