Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Flower Granny Square

This is a pattern for a basic flower granny square and can be made to either a 5” square or a 6” square. There are numerous variations on this flower square and I will document them at a later date.
With appropriate yarn and recommended hook ch 5 join with a sl st to form a loop.
Rnd 1:
Ch 2 to count as first dc then work a further 11 dc into the loop, join with a sl st (12 sts)

Rnd 2:
Next ch 2, to count as 1st dc and work 2 dc into spaces between each dc in previous rnd. Join with sl st (24 sts)

Rnd 3: ch 2 , to count as 1st dc and work 2 dc into same space, work 3 dc into every 2nd dc space. Join with sl st. (36 sts)

Note: Darn ends in as you go.
Rnd 4: Join contrasting colour and ch 2 to count as 1st dc work 2 dc into 1st space, *sk 3 sts, work another 3 dc into next space, sk 3 sts, work 3 dc into next space ch 2 and work another 3 dc into same space (forming a corner)*, **rep until rnd is complete.
Fasten off for a 5” square or complete another rnd for a 6” square  

Here my flowers made into an afghan blanket.
This pattern is offered and made available for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce this in any way please contact me or make sure that reference is made to the original author’s blog http://www.thesunroomuk.blogspot.com/ Thank you

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I hope you enjoy using this pattern and if you are looking for other free patterns please visit Crochet Pattern Central


eight by six said...

it looks fantastic, very Chelsea! Just wish I had the time to try this :) Amanda x

Barbara said...

How wonderful! Thank you so much for the pattern.

Hugs XX

Doris Sturm said...

those are cute - the round ones remind me of coasters ... if you made them out of cottone, they would be pretty used as coasters also...

Sandi Marshall said...

Nice pattern! I enjoyed seeing your colorful photos of your granny square in progress. I included a link to this post in a "What Are Crocheters Saying Worldwide About Granny Squares?" post that I did today on my blog at www.sandimarshall.com

My post that I included a link to your blog on is on this web page: http://www.sandimarshall.com/what-are-crocheters-saying-worldwide-about-granny-squares/

It includes links to posts about granny squares that were all posted on May 25, 2010 by crocheters in various countries.

Annabelle said...

Fantastic! Thanks for posting this article.

yarnikins said...

I've been looking for the perfect granny square for a baby blanket that I'm about to start, and I found it here! Thanks for the great pattern, and I will link to your blog when I display the finished project on flickr!!

Tina said...

I love it I have to make it thanks...

Penny said...

i am going to use squers for laptop cover i just cant work back and forth and keep it even so i do squers love it thanks