Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sunshine International Blankets of Love - SIBOL

Look at Rita's beautiful Sunshine Squares, thank you Rita. So bright and cheerful.
Sue over at Sue's Favourite Things began a project at the beginning of the year to create blankets for the elderly. She asked if fellow crocheter’s might help in her project by contributing a square or two.
'Sunshine Colours!' Just what we need.
In Sue’s words:-
I hope you can help. If everyone could just send one square I would be most grateful. I know postage is expensive.
For those who would like information
6" x 6" - (15cms x 15cms)
Knitted or Crocheted
Acrylic I think would be better (if possible) don't worry if you haven't got Acrylic.
Any design, any colour. (Basic Granny Square or more involved up to you!)
Just odd bits of wool/yarn you have left over from projects. I don't want it to cost any one
No panic, no rush, no deadline. This is something I want to be doing all year.

The project has gone on to be a real huge success but she still needs more squares. If you are able and willing to help please pop over to her blog.
You can also email her at
The next issue of Inside Crochet, will also be covering Sue’s project, available in the UK in early June, 2010.
Below are more pictures of the beautiful blankets that have been created by a wonderful community of global crocheter’s.
I have now made 11 Sunshine Blankets of Love for the Elderly. These 3 are made from Squares sent in for our 'Sun Challenge'. If you don't see your Square it will be coming up very soon in the next 'Sun Blankets' there are still more to come ! :)
Beautiful Flowers, Thank you Pertinitaco!
You can see photos of all the contributions from around the globe over at the SIBOL Flickr group.


Doris Sturm said...

What lovely squares - so bright and cheerful. I am surrounded by "elderly" people and love making them little things for the kitchen that they ask me for, because they know I crochet. Some of them don't have much company, so receiving a crocheted gift to them is very special. I support your project whole heartedly, because I feel it's important to recognize and respect our elders without whom we'd not be here today!
Thank you and have a great day,
Doris :-)

Barbara said...

What wonderful laprobes! A great charity for sure! I'll have to check this out and send some too!