Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Clootie Tree Update & New Ribbons

A massive thank you to Anjie at PomPomEmporium for sending fabulous 3 dimensional ribbons for The Clootie Tree. These are great and will add a new dimension to the tree. I had an email this week from a lovely lady in North Carolina USA this week and she and her daughter are going to crochet more ribbons making the Clootie tree truly communal and diverse.
If you feel you can contribute please email me at the
Anjie was also very generous and sent me one of her sublime organza flower brooches. Check it out below.
Thank you Anjie :-)
This is a new pattern I was working on today which I will publish in the next few days photographed on top of a new ‘Bag for Life’ string bag I’ve just completed.
Clootie tree looking good.


Doris Sturm said...

Congratulations on receiving such a beautiful brooch. The bag you're working on looks lovely too with all those colors...very nice work!

eight by six said...

They are truly unique. I must get round to making one for you. But mine will be very dull compared to this one :) Oh and I love the bag.