Thursday, 27 August 2009

Vibrant Corkscrew Scarf – Knitted Pattern


Here it is wrapped around the mannequin numerous times.


This scarf is so quick and very easy to knit. If you know how to do garter stitch then you can make this scarf no problem. Select your yarn according to the type of effect you hope to achieve. Here I have use a combination of eyelash yarn and bubble yarn and a plain DK yarn to finish.


You can control the fluidity or flexibility by choosing a soft yarn. If you select a stiffer yarn obviously your corkscrew will be more tightly coiled.

You can create an unlimited assortment of different results by using different yarns and different sizes of knitting needles.



Circular needle (32cm) – 9mm

150-200gm Yarn of your choice


Length: 60” or 153cm Width: 3” or 8cm

Cast on 400 stitches (increase if you want a longer scarf)

Row 1 Knit

Row 2 Knit

Row 3 Knit

Row 4 Knit

Row 5 *K1, K2tog, K1*, *Rep to end.

Row 6 Knit

Row 7 Knit

Row 8 K1, K2tog, K1*, *Rep to end.

Row 9 Knit

Row 10 Knit

Row 11 K1, K2tog, K1*, *Rep to end.

Row 12 Knit

Cast off. ( or complete further rows for a wider scarf)

Voila – a vibrant corkscrew spiral scarf. I have also listed my crochet pattern version here.


This pattern is offered and made available for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce this in any way please contact me or make sure that reference is made to the original author’s blog . Thank you

From little acorns.


Row 1 completed.


Please do leave me a comment and I would love to see any photographs of your finished scarves. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

HELLO from Vancouver Island Canada.. love this very easy pattern..I`m a compulsie knitter & sell ,with a friend at ICRAFT in Canada Take care ....Lorraine

The Sunroom said...

Well HELLO Lorraine- Vancouver Island Canada,

Enjoy the pattern, enjoy the compulsion.

Keep Creative,

Anonymous said...

I should like to make one just like this as a holiday gift for my sister. Could you please tell me which yarns you chose-brands, weights, and how much of each. I would like it to be as curly as yours and I know my sister would love it for Christmas. It's lovely! Thank you. MaryJane from New Hampshire (US)

OPKnitter said...

Interesting variation. Most of the spiral/ruffle scarf patterns I've seen start with a smaller number of stitches & work up to 900 or 1000 stitches. This is the 1st I've encountered that works down & on a manageable number. Good job.

The Sunroom said...


Thank you and I hope you enjoy making it.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

I lead a knitting group at a local Gilda's Club for anyone touched by cancer. Lots of us are Steeler fans so you may see some in black and gold!
Thanks for the pattern.


Anonymous said...

I am a beginner and this looks really easy. I am so excited to get started. Thanks so much.
JoAnna in Snoqualmie WA

Irene M Jones said...

Hi from North Carolina USA. love the look of the corkscrew scarf...I am in the process of making the spiral scarf and would like to try the other one....Could you please tell me if I am to work all three yarns together? and I see someone else asked for the Brands of yarn for your sample....the weights would be helpful.....Thanks so much for all you help and hints.....Irene