Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tate – Colour Chart

Tah Dah – I’m as pleased as punch that one of my photographs made it into the Tate colour chart online. I just learned about this late yesterday and spent way too long online watching the colour chart continuously transform in front of my eyes. It’s almost like a seamless, endless optical illusion. It is both captivating and compelling – well it is to me anyway.

‘In conjunction with the exhibition Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour, 1950 to Today Tate Liverpool invites you to contribute your own colour monochromes to this group. Photographs submitted to the group will be shown on Tate Online, and a 36 images will be used to make a glossy Colour Chart poster.
Photos from the group will be displayed on the exhibition website on Tate Online and the poster we create will also be displayed at Tate Liverpool. ‘


By a matter of pure chance I managed to get a screen shot of my photograph as it emerged. Above top left second row.


Here cropped into a mosaic. All of the individual images can be viewed online at the Tate although it may take a while to see all 4000 + images. The original images are all still viewable on flickr here


My original photo which probably says more about me – yes a supplement junkie. Anyway I hope you like the exhibition and the colour chart. I have a big smile on my face for now.

Have a great day.

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