Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Green Shoots of Rocket

Hi Everyone,

No I didn’t say green shoots of recovery but rocket. After my gardening frenzy at the weekend I realised how negligent I had been in terms of growing things this year. This seems absurd to me now given I have a big area for vegetables and a greenhouse, shame on me. Anyway as some form of last minute gesture I decided to plant lots of green things to see us through the winter. So on Saturday I planted rocket seeds which we love in our house, children being the exception.

Rocket is so easy to grow – seeds planted Saturday and already sprouted this morning (Wednesday) – hurrah.


I have started the seeds on the kitchen windowsill and they will continue to grow there, or outside or in the greenhouse well into winter.

Kitchen Garden

Rocket being harvested – hopefully me in a few weeks time.

Yesterday we actually got some sunshine again, a rare occurrence at this moment in time. I decided then to plant some perpetual spinach which will hopefully germinate in the coming days. This plant will continue to grow well through winter as leaves are picked off for use it will grow and grow again. By next spring we’ll all be Popeye!


Next up I’m intending to plant garlic in the greenhouse for planting out in spring. I am also going to sew lettuce for salad leaves through the winter. Anyway all the hyperactivity in the garden at the weekend pruning, shaping, trimming and chopping has left me with aching blistered hands. This hasn’t exactly been conducive to crocheting my current rag rug. The 15mm crochet hook doesn’t sit with ease in my hand.

As ever I have gone off on a variety of creative tangents. Firstly a new healing, comfort – prayer shawl.

Whoa well my healing prayer shawl is now finished which is great as it means I can get on with completing one of the other various WIP’s (work’s in progress). I will write up this pattern later and hopefully post it on the blog tonight – I will write the pattern in both US and UK terms. I have already blogged about prayer shawls here

I made this healing shawl up as I had made one a couple of weeks ago and forgot to photograph it prior to sending it off to the recipient. The Prayer shawl was warmly welcomed and has been used extensively in the recuperation post major surgery and ultimately a life changing experience. It delights me to think that it may have brought comfort in a time of need. The lady that I gave it to has used it in a traditional way, around the shoulders, but also upon her lap. The comfort of stroking a textured shawl is reassuring in itself.


This is a good basic pattern to have in your armoury let’s face it we never know what life is going to throw at us, our loved ones and our friends and neighbours. I chose a very textured loop yarn as in my opinion texture is an important aspect of any shawl. The loop yarn that I used is a green and teal mixture and crocheted up to look very earthy. I’m pleased with the end result and hope that some of you too will like it.


As previously mentioned a good starting place for detailed information is

According to this resource the symbolic meaning of the colours I have used is as follows.

Green – Earth, Healing, Prosperity, Fertility, Clarity, Sympathy, Hope, Renewal, Health, Balance, Confidence, Abundance, Growth, Life.

Mentally and physically relaxing.

Teal – Trustworthy, Devotion.

How wonderful to think that my healing shawl could be imbued with these qualities. Regardless these qualities are symbolized by the colour choice. So choose your yarn according to the beneficiaries needs.

I spent a large part of yesterday preparing fabrics for the ongoing rag rug and again this probably hasn’t helped my aching hands. I also made the decision to write up my pattern for my spiral scarf except this one is a knitted version of my crocheted one.

I am hoping to get the scarf complete tomorrow.


I had better post this so that I can get on. More photographs to be taken, a scarf to be completed and a pattern to be documented.

Again have a great day.

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