Sunday, 12 July 2009


I was thinking the other day – what is it that inspires us to crochet, knit or generally craft. Quite often we can get inspired by colour, by shape or by texture. Often inspiration is driven by the desire to master a new technique or simply to create something individual and unique. Necessity is the mother of all invention and so inspiration can be borne of practical needs, especially in this current climate.
We’ve spent the weekend in the garden again and I realise that inspiration can come from the most natural forms.
This picture of of a begonia illustrates this perfectly. The pattern, colour and texture are so inspirational. The pinks, lilacs and purples are a sight to behold. This doesn’t look like just a plant but more like a painting.
Inspiration for me comes from all manner of places and we live in good times where we are able to access all manner of input via the current technologies. We can visit websites and blogs and see the most beautiful creations. We can get patterns and colour schemes at the flick of a button. In my opinion this doesn’t change what we are creating. Our creations are part of our everyday lives – a time stamp of a particular moment in time.
I was reminded of this recently when I decide upon a crochet project called the university blanket. As number one son gets ready to leave home and experience the academic life I thought it would be a good idea to make him a blanket. I began crocheting a blanket for him but have subsequently changed my mind on colour schemes. The said blanket, attempt number one, will find good use in our household after all we are in Scotland.
The blanket project is not a necessity but almost a rite of passage. It is symbolic of the cha,nges that will occur for both him and everyone in the household, he’s moving on. Last winter was sooooooo cold that I had numerous blankets on my bed. I was reminded of the timelessness of creativity when I remembered the crochet blanket I had on the bed last winter was in fact the blanket I crocheted in the weeks before he was born. 18 years on and still providing sterling service.
If you are looking for inspiration then why not visit or There are so many beautiful creations to feed your imagination. On a more practical level if you are looking for basic patterns and instruction try or
Yesterday we discovered these new pine cones on our tree – these are so inspirational and unexpected.
A rose in full bloom and such a beautiful colour.
Last week I was working on granny squares, octagons for my octagon blanket project and a jazzy beret – crocheted. I loved the colour of the wool that I used and the texture.
I crocheted this on a 4mm hook using Sirdar Fresco. It only took a couple of hours and I think the end product is great. I had been thinking about summertime and festival going. We had T in the Park this weekend and so it seemed an appropriate item to make.
The pattern was very easy and was my usual concoction or amalgamation of a variety of patterns viewed on the internet. If anyone is interested I can type up the pattern and put it on the blog.
The yarn used is almost pom pom like and looks very textured and bubbly when complete. The beret is also completely reversible so that it can be worn either bubbly and pom pom or reversed for a flat texture.
The Noro Silk Garden Vest
165-6543_IMG 165-6546_IMG 165-6547_IMG
At Christmas I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the above yarn. It sat in it’s bag for quite a few months until I could find the right inspiration. I eventually found it at they have an absolute plethora of free knitting and crochet patterns. As ever I took a basic pattern for a V neck vest and changed it to make it my own. The vest is both knitted and finished with crochet. I absolutely love the colour scheme and the yarn – Colour 236.
The vest as you can see is quite clingy and the yarn has no elasticity. It hangs well but isn’t as clingy as I would have liked.
I hope you find the inspiration to feed your imagination and happy crafting until next time.

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