Thursday, 16 July 2009

Crochet Rag Rug - WIP


Oh dear here I go again or do I mean here I am again ? I’m having an obsessive and infatuated love affair with my newest creation. Look at these beautiful colours and juicy textured stitches. I’m not quite sure where I got the idea or inspiration to begin making a rag rug but it has now thoroughly gripped me and I’m hooked. No pun intended.

Maybe it was thoughts about recycling colours and fabrics. Maybe it was the desire to hold onto fabrics and items that really should have gone to the charity shop by now. I bought a 10mm crochet hook a while ago to make a rug for The Sunroom. The floor in there is marble and fine in the summer but a tad cold in the winter. Anyway it must have been in the back of my mind and now I am romping through the first rag rug.

I am going to attempt to make it fairly large although I’m not sure how workable this is going to be when it gets to 6 ft. I have a, what is horrible to me, heavy traffic carpet area in one of our rooms that I just can’t bear. It really needs a new carpet or to be laminated but that isn’t feasible this week. So given that patience is NOT my virtue a rag rug is the perfect solution.


I have just raided everybody’s wardrobes and drawers and selected items I thought were past there best and also fairly bright. I didn’t have a colour scheme in mind but one seems to have emerged all by itself.


I haven’t made the rug too thickly a 10mm crochet hook dictates that. So far it has a wonderful flexibility to it – hence photographing it crunched up. What you see in the background is the problematic carpet.


Oh the lovely mixture of colours and textures. So far my embryonic rug has gobbled up 1 sundress, 1 sarong, 1 man’s shirt, 1 adult T shirt and approx 6 children’s T shirts. Will life ever be the same again ? Will I be able to hang the laundry out without glancing at it blowing in the wind with less than an ulterior motive ?


Here you can see more of the form – I am crocheting in the circular for fluidity.


I will of course post photographs of the finished item in the not too distant future. I will also document the pattern I have made should you wish to make you own rug. My main advice at this point is have a very good pair of scissors and at least ten times the amount of fabric you may think you require.

Happy crocheting for now. I am dashing to the library to collect a new crochet book.

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pippa moore said...

love your rug i crochet too although i'm an untrained self taught person. i love to use all of the recycled clothes up i am i have to admit a bit of a crochet addict just love material and wool pippa moorex