Monday, 6 July 2009

The Octagon Blanket Project

A couple of months ago i was inspired to knit an octagon throw, blanket or afghan. I had downloaded a vintage pattern many months before and naively believed this would be a ‘quick’ project.
The original pattern was worked in 4 ply wool and was made up of about 122 octagons. I decided to use DK double knitting acrylic wools – for washability and durability.
This was a quick layout to assess sizing and how many actual octagons would be needed. The colour theme is essentially greens, blues and purples.
As you can see each octagon is bordered by four small squares and then there is a final border. I have decided to to knit all aspects of the throw in garter stitch. I still need to finalise sizing’s and numbers required. I have decided to crochet the final border so that it may actually be completed in 2009. Patience is NOT my virtue. When I began this project I estimated that i would take approximately one month, I was obviously deluded or very optimistic.
I began making at least 8-10 octagons a day but now I have to force myself to complete at least a couple a day. So many other projects and experiments beckon.
In the photographs some of the octagons appear to be black but they are in fact a forest green.
Totals to date are:
Octagons 48
Half Octagons 11
Filler Squares 23
Corner Octagons 0
In hindsight I wish I had crocheted the octagons but I’m promising myself that it will all be worth it once it’s complete.
As ever in between knitting the octagons I went off and crocheted a massive granny square. I am obviously working in the same colour schemes here but more blues I think.
I realise that I am too easily distracted but as long as my hands are busy I’m happy.
The finished square measures approx 6ft square and was very quick to work.

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