Friday, 9 August 2013

Scarlet Summer Breeze Skinny Scarf–Crochet Pattern

Skill Level : Intermediate 
Materials : 5mm hook, 50g dk cotton, tapestry needle  
Notes : This scarf is worked on both sides of the foundation chain resulting in a symmetrical scarf. After first 2 rows the scarf is then worked in the round.  
Measurements: 42” x 3.25” approx.
Pattern :  
Ch140, + 3 to count as first dc & ch 
Row 1: dc into 5 th ch from hook, *ch2, sk 2, dc*, ** rep to end, finish with a dc.
Row 2: ch 3, *5dc in 3 rd st, sl st in 3 rd st, ch 6, sk 5, sl st*, ** rep to last scallop and final sl st, ch 4 sl st into middle ch to turn, ch 4 sl st into 1 st ch on opposite side of foundations chain. 
You will now be working the bottom side of the foundation row so that the scarf becomes symmetrical. 
Row 3 :  ch 3, *5dc in 3 rd st, sl st in 3 rd st, ch 6, sk 5, sl st*, ** rep to last scallop and final sl st, at the end of this row ch 5 and join with a sl st to the beginning ch of the 1 st row.
Now working in a round 
Rnd 1 : *ch 5, sl st  in 3 rd dc of scallop, ch 5 dc into 3 rd & 4 th ch*,** rep to end of first row finishing with a sl st in 3rd dc in scallop, ch 5, sl st into 2 nd ch in 1 st loop, ch 5 sl st into 2 nd ch in 2 nd loop, ch 5 and sl st into centre dc in first scallop on opposite side. Continue in ** to end of this side, complete the rnd by ch 5 and sl st into final dc of final scallop. 
Rnd 2 : *ch 1, sk 1, sc*, ** rep to end of round join with sl st. 
Rnd 3 : Ch 2, turn work over and crochet in opposite direction, *sl st in next st, dc in next st*,** rep to end of rnd 
To finish : Fasten off and darn all ends in.  

This pattern is written using UK British terminology. Please refer to the conversion chart below to make changes for US crochet .
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This pattern is offered and made available for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce this in any way please contact me or make sure that reference is made to the original author’s blog
Thank you Crochet Conversion Chart US/UK International Yarn Weight Conversion Chart

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