Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Crochet - Arc Lace Edging



Source -  Moiracrochets

I love this edging and I love this colour of green.

I originally intended to create a crochet cloth with circular pattern similar to Catherine Wheels yet bigger and lacier in effect. To my dismay, my problem-solving skills is not enough to make such pattern come to life.

So instead of a crochet cloth, I used the initial pattern I made for a lace edging. The great thing about this lace edging is that each arc is crocheted one after the other. Therefore, gauge and foundation chain are not very important. I can crochet any number of arcs until I have the length I desire.

This lace edging is perfect as a trim for blankets, afghans, throws, curtains, dresses, etc. to name a few.


Get the full written pattern click here.

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