Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First Lessons in Crochet – Circa 1907

Oooh I must be the luckiest girl I know a lovely lady has just given me this bound copy of a book called first lessons. The actual book contains 6 different copies of the Needlecraft Practical Journal.
No 1. Crochet
No 2. Knitting
No 3. Plain Sewing
No 4. Darning and mending
No 5. Embroidery
No 6. Drawn Thread
This absolute gem is a real delight and pleasure to own. All of these ‘lessons’ were out of print at the time the book was bound and published and so I believe it to be extremely rare. I have done quite a bit of research and can find no reference to this 1st edition book nor any of the individual content chapters each of which would originally have been published as individual journals in 1906.
The book was originally written and published by the Manchester School of Embroidery, copies of some of the later Needlecraft Journals can be purchased on the internet but they appear to be years later.
If anyone knows anymore I would be delighted to hear your comments.
Sandra Thank You for letting me have this book.   


Carolands said...

Fantastic! What a treasure, I love these old adverts:)

lottie said...

I'v just been clearing out some cupboards and found this book which belonged to an elderly Aunt of mine and wondered if it has any value . Its in pristen condition

lottie said...

I'v got a copy of First Lessons Home and School and wondered if it is of any value the bok is in excellent condition