Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Artist’s Crochet Satchel

I’ve been drawing so much lately I thought I should come up with a bag to keep all my sketch books in and here it is.

The pattern is really simple and yet I feel effective. The effect is gain from the choice of wools and yarns used.
Approx 200g of a variety of colours of yarn. A 5.5mm crochet hook, darning needle.
13” wide, 11” deep, 3.5” flap approx.
Bag - Ch 90,
Work  48  rows in sc.
My colour combination was;
Row 1: satsuma
Row 2-3: candyfloss pink
Row 5-6: red
Row 7: mauve
Row 8-9: pink multi
Row 10,11,12: tangerine
Row 13 : red 2
Row 14-15: dusky pink
Row 17-18: red
Row 19,20,21: fuschia
Row 22: claret
Row 23: satsuma
Row 24,25,26: pink multi
Row: 27-28: organdy pink
Row 29: mauve
Row 30-31: Red
Row 32: rust
Row 33: lavender
Row 34 –35: tangerine
Row 36: plum
Row 37-38: dusky pink
Row 39-40: brick
Row 41-42: mauve
Row 43-44: baby pink
Row 45-46: claret
Row 47-48: satsuma
Ch 140 ( here I used satsuma as it was at 1st and last edge of the bag)
Work 6 rows in any colour combination.
satsuma, mauve, red, fuschia, brick, satsuma.
Now fold the bag into a satchel shape with the straps being attached in-between from and back of bag, to the very bottom of the bag.
You can either sew it together.

Here I crocheted it together, again using satsuma, by working the strap down 27 sts at the front of the bag, 7 sts across the bottom of the bag, then 27 sts up the back of the back. Repeat on alternate side.
You can then sew all ends in and attach a button if required. Here I just attached lots of tassels.     

This pattern is offered and made available for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce this in any way please contact me or make sure that reference is made to the original author’s blog Thank you 
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I hope you enjoy using this pattern and if you are looking for other free patterns please visit Crochet Pattern Central


simply_complicated said...

this would be a great stash-buster project. i think i'm going to try it! thanks for the pattern!

glor said...

Love your bag, love the coloring!! At this stag happy is a prerequisite for me in all things...this is a match!!! Really nice work and thank you for sharing.

Catherine/Yarncat said...

I love the look of this bag!Thanks!!

fairyhedgehog said...

I love the colours you've chosen!

Anonymous said...

The bag is incredibly cute, but you forgot to put what stitch to use? is it a HDC? DC? SC?? Ill try the pattern with a DC. but even for the strap, you dont list what stitch to use. PLEASE MODIFY!!!!!

Thanks! (^__^)v

amanda said...

Top line: work 48 rows in sc.
hope that helps. :)