Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wednesday Night Project 170310 – National Crochet Month 2010

Well first of all I’m going to have a moan. Just when I get my head around the fact that spring may finally be dragging itself up the country to Scotland wham, bam, no thank you mam, it isn’t. The snow and howling winds are here again creating havoc and chaos everywhere. Our power went down for 8 hours last night and it’s a hit and miss probability as to whether it will stay on and I will be able to get this posted. No power no internet connectivity:-(

Today the house has been a balmy 12 degrees and the kitchen hasn’t even made it into double figures. The snow continues to fall as I’m typing.

OK moan over it’s the last day of the month and I wanted to remind everyone that March was National Crochet Month – so what did we do?

It must have sneaked up on me while I was crocheting as I almost omitted to mention it on the blog. As a staunch supporter of all things crochet, and crochet also being my chosen vocation you can imagine that I wanted to make the most of this month.

Below is my list of Crochet activity so far:

  1. Created the crochet ‘clootie tree’ and enlisted contributions from fellow crocheters. Click here for further info.
  2. Crocheted in public more than usual'.
  3. Taught 3 people to crochet this month. 
  4. Paid a designer for a crochet pattern.
  5. Designed and published crochet patterns for free.
  6. Made a gift that was crocheted and was my own design.
  7. Undertook & completed 3 different ‘crochet’ commissions this month.
  8. Bought lots of yarn.
  9. Planning to issue a new crochet pattern free of charge on Etsy & Folksy 
  10. Promoted the concept of men knitting & crocheting.
  11. Created a ‘yarny/crochet/knitting giveaway’. If you haven't entered yet please do so now HERE 
  12. Finished a WIP (work-in-progress). 
  13. Designed a new ‘crochet hook holder’ If you haven't seen it yet please click here.
  14. Decided to commission another crochet fanatic to crochet something for me :-)
  15. Have decided to offer blog readers a time limited discount offer on all items in my Folksy & Etsy Stores, details to follow.
  16. Got a tad distracted doing lots of drawing and not enough yarny activities.
  17. Was given the most incredible book Needlecraft Practical Journal Circa 1907 with first lessons in crochet. If you missed that then please click here.
  18. Bought too many vintage crochet books on ebay, but you’ve just got to have them – don’t you.
  19. Have undertaken to exhibit various types of crochet in upcoming exhibition in the next few months.


Mel said...

Wow - you've kept yourself busy, that's for sure!! Happy Hooking!!

Doris Sturm said...

Well, I'm blown away with all you did - You truly acted in the full spirit of National Crochet Month. Congratulations!