Tuesday, 8 December 2009

White Ribbon Campaign Scarf


I designed this neck Ribbon scarf to raise awareness of the White Ribbon Campaign. The colour could be changed to reflect the organisation or charity you support.
The pattern is worked in crunch stitch which works quickly and easily and has a great texture once complete.
Skill Level: Easy
Materials: Any DK yarn approx 30g and 5.5mm hook.
Ch 100 + 1
Row – 1: skip 1st 2 ch (counts as 1 hdc), * sl st into next ch, 1 hdc into next ch*, ** rep to end and finish with 1 sl st in final chain.
Row – 2: 2 ch (counts as first hdc), skip 1 st, *sl st into next hdc, 1 hdc into next sl st*, ** rep to end finishing with a sl st into top of final chain.
Repeat these two rows twice more, 6 rows complete.
Row – 7: work 16st in pattern, ch 10, skip 10 st, complete rest of row in pattern. This row created the opening to slip the other end of the scarf through.
Row 8: work as row 2 working into each st and ch.
Rows 9: work as row 1
Row 10: work as row 2
Row 11: work as row 1
Row 12: work as row 2
Finish, break off yarn and darn in all ends,


sistahraven said...

Thanks so much for making an awareness scarf about the white ribbon campaign! I work with abuse survivors, and I think the WRC is a great cause! :D

I'll definitely be making one!

The Sunroom said...

Thank you for your comment and as you will already know your work is invaluable. I'm glad you visited and that you will be making a ribbon scarf.

jd said...

I'M MAKING a version of this that is a gift for an abuse survivor - but i can't tell her what it's for. she wouldn't wear it if she knew. we'll know - but she won't. she's definitely a survivor. thanks so much for sharing this pattern.

jd in st louis