Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wednesday Night Project 181109

The wonderful world of Free Form crochet.
What is freeform? Freeform crochet is like painting. The hook is a brush and the yarn a paint. The result can be abstract or realistic. Freeform is original design, not a reproduction of another person's pattern, it goes beyond the realm of patterns and restrictions that usually apply toward our art. The outcome is a piece of art like no other, not only functional, but beautiful as well. Freeform includes 2-D and 3-D art, clothing and useful items.   Please come in and get to know us better! International Free Form Crochet Guild
Freeform Demo

Free Form Crochet can be found at crochetville too visit here Crochetville

Cathy of California

Derbyshire Guild of Wavers Spinners Dyers
Wearable Art Connection
Chimerical Flowers ... Freeform Crochet Necklace by irregular expressions.
Free Form Necklace on Flickr

Crochet With Attitude

Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Knitting For Art Exhibition

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Anjie said...

These are very organic, I like! When I get a good chunk of time, next year, I want to try some free form, I'm going to bookmark this post for inspiration.