Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wednesday Night Project 251109

This week I have decided to focus on interesting and perhaps inspirational fellow crocheter blog sites.
Gene Saunders
Here we have Crochet Dad Ramblings
The repetitive actions needed for knitting and crochet can bring the mind and body to a state called a "relaxation response" that is quite similar to what people experience with techniques such as repetitive prayer, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, and other relaxation disciplines. Research at the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute has found that when an individual is knitting (or crocheting) his/her heart rate can drop 11 beats a minute and his/her blood pressure drops as well. These results can have significant health benefits for people who knit and crochet. Therefore, I am a man who crochets. I design my own crochet and sell patterns and finished projects.This week I have decided to focus on interesting and inspirational fellow crochet blog sites.

Crocheting Chemist
And below is a picture of beautiful yarn from the Dishcloth Diaries Blog

Hello Kitty

From Wicked Crochet Lady Blog

Why not visit Wandys Crochet Blog


All things nice... said...

Thank you so much for featuring my blog on your post, that is such a nice thought :) You have brightened up my day :) The weather is awful here, I hope it isn't as bad in Scotland. I will check out the other blogs listed too.

All things nice... xxx

eight by six said...

Thank you for featuring my blog, wow that was so nice to see my scarf on your blog, quite a surprise. I love your blog and read it all the time. Thanks again and for inspiring me to take up crochet. My new teach yourself crochet book arrived last week, just need a quiet house to start!