Thursday, 19 November 2009

Crochet Felted Knitting Needle Bag

This crocheted knitting needle bag was a bit of an experiment. If you are new to felting I would suggest trying to felt a few samples prior to making your finished bag. I have included exact measurements prior to felt and post felting. I have also included details of the felting temperature, cycle etc but washing machines do vary so again I would urge you to do a few samples first.
100g Caledon Hills 929 Meadow Worsted Wool
100g Caledon Hills 865 Sweet Pea
Both yarns are available at Yarnmarket
6mm Crochet Hook, Darning/tapestry Needle, 1 pair of old knitting needles (1 pair of used 15” needles).
This pattern is written in US terminology please refer to my conversion chart for UK Conversion here
179-7902_IMG Prior to felting.
ch 50, begin all rows by ch 2 throughout
Rows 1 – 2 work in hdc
Row 3 – continue working in hdc increasing 1 st at each end of the row by working 2hdc into first and last st.
Row 4 – 9 begin working in dc, increase 1 st at each end of the row by working 2dc into first and last st
Row 10 – work in dc with no increases.
Row 11 – 15 – work these rows in dc, decreasing at each end of every row by skipping first and last sts
Row 16 – work this row in hdc and decrease 1 st at each end of this row by skipping 1st and last sts
Row 17-18 work in hdc no increases
Make 2
ch 61 work 3 rows in sc
Measurements prior to felting
Bag top edge 18”
Bag bottom edge 25”
Bag depth 5.5”
handles 22” long 1.25” wide
I felted the bag in the washing machine at 60 degrees for 40 mins, NO spin. I then emptied the washing machine and let the bag drip dry. You can reshape the bag while it is still wet if required.
Measurements after felting
Bag top edge 14.5”
Bag bottom edge 20”
Bag depth 4.5”
handles 18” long 1” wide
Sew the handles onto the inside of the bag.
Sew both side edges of the bag up to the top 1” of the bag.
Turn the bag the right way out and sew the knitting needle onto the bag.
Some people may advocate sewing the bag together and sewing the handle on prior to felting. However I felt that it would be easier to reshape if necessary if the components were all separate.

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Anonymous said...

I came here from Ravelry to see a pic of your Elegant Shoulder Warmer and found this really cute project. It combines two of my favorite techniques--bags and felting! The first one may be for needles but a little change in size and it's a going to become a fashionable handbag.

Thanks for offering it!