Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wednesday Night Project 100210 –

make and share

At Tweave, virtual textiles grow and alter as you and others create them by contributing tweets. Explore how contributors are connected by interacting with the resulting virtual woven textiles.
Tweave is a creative project that has been developed by artists Ed Holroyd and Amy Houghton. Follow Tweave on Twitter so we can keep you updated.

What is Tweave?

The idea of Tweave was born out of a dialogue about: the creation of crafts online; crafts and the slow revolution; and textiles and its links to communication, social networking and the development of computer technologies. Tweave also draws inspiration from the fascinating behaviour of the weaver birds who gather and build networks of intricately woven nests in large ‘social groups’ as well as those of us who tweet.
Tweave is a place for anyone to chat, interact, play, create and connect in real time using Twitter. Through the theme of craft and making Tweave will evolve around objects (in the form of hashtags) submitted to this site.
All tweets fed to Tweave are used to create collective online artworks which take the form of interactive virtual woven textiles. These virtual woven textile artworks may merely be a by-product of the tweeting process or may be consciously adapted by the chosen content of the tweets.

Welcome to Tweave

With Tweave you can use Twitter to make, share and chat in real time. Tweet about objects you are making and chat to others about what they are making. Ask questions and offer critiques and advice.

Get started by signing in with Twitter

You can sign in through Twitter. If you are already logged in to Twitter you will just be asked to accept the log in to Tweave. If not, you will need to enter your Twitter username and password. If you do not have a Twitter account, sign up to Twitter.

Add an object

To add an object you need to choose a hashtag. Hashtags are any word included in your tweets that is prefixed with the ‘#’ symbol and are used on Twitter to group tweets. Your hashtag will identify your object which you and others will be able to tweet about.

Find an object

Other people have added objects by giving them a hashtag. You can find these objects by searching for that hashtag.

Send a tweet

Once you have added or found an object you can start sending tweets. Tweave will automatically add the hashtag for that object to your tweet. You can also choose to add an image to your tweet which will appear in the gallery for that object.

View a tweave

Each object has a tweave: a virtual textile that shows all the people that have recently tweeted about this object and the hashtags contained in the other recent tweets by these people. This gives a glimpse at the relationships between the object, people and their peripheral conversations.

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