Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wednesday Night Project 030210 – The Yarn Museum

yarn museum/honoring the artistry + intrinsic beauty of handspun yarn welcome
The Yarn Museum is, initially, a virtual site whose purpose is to honor the artistry and beauty of handspun yarn from spinners around the world. It went online in December 2006 and continues to evolve.
Since yarn has so often been used to make other items such as hats, sweaters, rugs, this site delights in the (possibly) transitory state that yarn is in before it becomes the materials of something else - whether knitted, crocheted, woven or displayed in a bowl.
The Circle of Advisors (listed at left), are spinners who've agreed to check in on how things are going and offer their thoughts. They are all wonderful spinners who love what they do, and have offered a wealth of information and support. Please visit their sites to see many different perspectives on handspinning. I am a spinner and I love yarn. Although I started the project, The Museum will be a collaborative effort among all the spinners who want to participate, including you, The Growing Circle and The Circle of Advisors.
How you can be involved: tell us what you'd like to see on the site. Offer links to great information that you and others have made available. Tell us about sites we should link to. Write articles, if you like. Submit your pictures for inclusion in the online shows.
I hope you like what you see as you look around the site. More information is always being added. If you have questions, please drop me an email: lindaATyarnmuseumDOTcom Thank you for stopping by!
Please respect the copyrights of all the artists on these pages by NOT downloading images for your own personal use without their express permission. All handspun yarn images and individual yarns remain the property of the artist who created them.

Click here to visit the Yarn Museum

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