Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fiesta Hyperbolic Scarf - Crochet

7mm crochet hook, 50g yellow DK yarn, 150g patterned DK yarn.
Skill Level: Easy
Measurements: 3” x 60” approx.
Note: Work rows 1-4 in double stranded yarn by mixing yellow with 1 ball of patterned DK yarn. Work rows 5,6,7 with two strands of patterned DK yarn.
ch 131 st, turn
Row1: sc into each st, turn
Row2: ch1 inc by working 2 sc into 1st st and every 5th st to end, turn
Row3: ch 1 inc by working 2sc into 1st st and every 4th st to end, turn 
Row4: ch 1 inc by working 2sc into 1st st and every 3rd st to end, turn 
Row5: ch 1 inc by working 2sc into 1st st and every 2nd st to end, turn 
Row6: ch 1 inc by working 2sc into every st to end, turn 
Row7: ch 1 sc into each st to end.
Break off yarn and sew all ends in.
This pattern is offered and made available for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce this in any way please contact me or make sure that reference is made to the original author’s blog Thank you
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eight by six said...

Wow that is lovely. I am still working on the other scarf pattern. How do you find the time to so many things?

The Sunroom said...

Hi Eight by Six,
Thank you - I think I must be OCD either that or I crochet in my sleep :-) You must mail me a photo once you've finished your scarf that would be great :-)
Have a good day

SpinKitty said...

This looks a lot like the "potato chip" scarf that both LionBrand and KnitPicks have put out.