Sunday, 31 January 2010

Camouflage Scarf

Crossed DC
The crossed dc is worked over an area of two stitches. To begin, skip the next stitch. Yarn over the hook, with the hook ready to begin making a double crochet in the following stitch.
Make a double crochet in the stitch that follows the skipped stitch.
Making a double crochet in the stitch that was skipped: Cross the hook in front of the dc just made and, with the working yarn strand in the back, pull the strand through the skipped stitch and pull it to the left of the dc-just-made, so that the first part of the dc being made in the skipped stitch wraps across the post of the dc-just-made. Next, yarn over the hook, pull yarn through two loops, yarn over hook again and pull through the last two loops to complete the dc.
Materials: Camouflage print DK 100g, 4.5mm hook, darning needle.
Pattern: ch 31,
Row 1: sc to end,
Row 2: ch 2, sk 2 sc, 1 dc into 3rd st, 1 dc into 2nd sk st,* sk 1 st, 1 dc into 2nd st, 1 dc into sk st,* repeat to end.
All subsequent rows worked as Row 2. 
Repeat until desired length is reached and break off yarn.
This pattern is offered and made available for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce this in any way please contact me or make sure that reference is made to the original author’s blog Thank you Crochet Conversion Chart US/UK International Yarn Weight Conversion Chart
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lilblaze04 said...

Thank YOU for sharing! It is so nice to see things for our MEN that are cool and also keep them warm. :)

Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I can't wait to get the yarn and make this for my 3 year old son. I'm a new crochetier, (since Christmas 2010)and have already discovered that it's difficult to find any manly patterns. This is simple enough and doesn't scream GIRL!!! I appreciate it.