Monday, 11 July 2011

Betty Vintage Retro Style Traditional Granny Square Blanket

It’s great when you start the week following a weekend that saw the completion of a project. Here’s mine ‘Betty’. Betty is quite unique, in that, I only crochet with black yarn once a year when the light is really bright. This time I think I may have misjudged the situation as it has been overcast, damp, rainy, grey and plain horrible recently.

As with most of my blankets you can find Betty in both me etsy store here or my folksy store here.


The fun part - arranging and laying out the granny squares.
It’s very traditional and timeless, but they do say the old one’s are the best one’s.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Beautiful! Love the black. Have a great day! Tammy

Marla said...

Wow! Talk about your eye candy! Great Job!


Linda Gilbert said...

I love your blanket. I have never worked with black but it certainly is very effective.

Miss Prudence said...

another beauty - it is amazing the speed in which you crochet in!

Crissi said...

oh, the blanket ist beautiful, much work!!!
Greetings Crissi

Anonymous said...

Lovely...just like an Amish Quilt , the black is essential in setting off the color.

mind's eye said...

How beautiful! Indeed a very special blanket. Very balanced colours...I'm amazed! Thank your for sharing!