Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Granny Square Scarf Inspiration.

Crochet Multicolored Trendy Scarf Granny Squares

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Hoodscarf. Earflap Hat. Granny Squares.

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Extra Long Granny Square Scarf

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Valentine Cream, Pink, and Brown  Hot Granny Squares Scarf

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Granny Square Scarf

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Red, Black, White Granny Square Scarf and Hat Set for Women Bright Gift READY TO SHIP

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Granny square scarf

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Granny Square Scarf for a little girl

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Crissi said...

Super, beautiful Scarf,
hugs Crissi

Anna said...

How beautiful!

Pammy Sue said...

I love them all! What are you working on right now, Aileen? I'm trying to finish a ripple afghan. The last few rows are taking me forever. Only getting 3-4 rows done a day now. I just need 8 more inches or so.

Erin said...

Wow! Inspiration indeed! I think I may need to make a granny square scarf now.

The Sunroom said...

Thank you all:)
Pammy Sue I'm working on a variety of things
1. A huge technicolour stripe blanket.
2. A Pink/Ivory Granny Blanket
Just about to start a large ripple although I'm now considering do some scarves - despite it being blanket weather here in the UK.
Best Wishes,

linda said...

I just love these scarves, I must try some the colours are beautiful.:)