Saturday, 24 September 2011

Stripey-itis New Blankets.

In a silly moment this week I thought that I would start a stripe blanket thus reducing the amount of ends to be sewn in. My thinking was granny squares have 100’s of ends and a stripe blanket wouldn’t – how wrong I was.


This was day 1 of stripey.


It measures 60” wide and I’m on day 3 and it’s probably 24” so far…

There are hundreds of end’s to be sewn in but at least it’s not a granny.


New yarn arrived yesterday and it’s gorgeous very autumnal.



Crissi said...

Oh very nice!
Greet Crissi

Linda Gilbert said...

This "itis" malarky is very infectious ---my blog has been about scrapitis lately!!!

I love your stripey blankie-- But Oh Lordy what a lot of ends! I think the birds will love the scraps in the Spring.
Your new wool is sumptious
Kindest Regards Linda

Hazel said...

There is lots of woolly ends with projects that require colour change he he, tho i think the ends on a stripey blanket would be a lot neater and quicker to weave in than grannys eh.

Your wool is looking awesome and very autumnal as you say *wool envy!*

eight by six said...

love the colours of the new yarn + blanket looks fab

Pammy Sue said...

Oh my...the yarn is gorgeous! Looks like a Noro-type yarn. Very nice stripey blanket too.

Neicee said...

Love the new yarn! I know the ends are a constant battle...

Pooch said...

Have you ever tried working in the ends as you go? I always knit or crochet them in as I go and never have the mass of ends that some people seem to have. You might search for a video if you haven't yet tried it. Simple and effective.