Thursday, 25 August 2011

Crochet Chairs

I’ve been pondering the idea of making a crochet chair recently and so thought I would do a bit of research. Here is a collection of amazing crochet chairs for inspiration.

Please, please dont eat the Daisies!
Crochet chairs
Wooden Stool & Crochet


Lynne said...

They are all amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Crissi said...

Wow wonderful works,
greet Crissi

Linda Gilbert said...

Wow! Wow and thrice Wow! They are fantastic but tooooo much for me!

Becky J said...

Oh no! What have you done?! I have an overwhelming urge to crochet over my dining chairs! My poor husband!
Becky x

Anonymous said...

i also have been wanting to do this? our minds must be synchronized somehow...the freeform....the chairs....what next? :) i just got a sewing machine for my birthday so.................your move ;)


Mrs Twins said...

Thanks for sharing these, what inspiration!
Enjoy your bank holiday! lOVE sUEX