Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hyperbolic Valentine Red Roses–Crochet Pattern


You can use any type of yarn with a suitable hook size. Here I have used a small quantity of red DK yarn (wool & Acrylic blend) and a 4mm hook.

Ch 4, join with a sl st to form a circle.
Rnd 1: make 5 sc into the circle and join with a sl st.
Rnd 2: ch 1, work two sc into each st
Rind 3: (work all subsequent rnds in the round i.e. do not join with a sl st and do not ch at the beginning of a round)
work two sc into each existing st.
Here I completed 5 rounds and fastened off. If you want a larger flower work more rounds.


This pattern is offered and made available for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce this in any way please contact me or make sure that reference is made to the original author’s blog Thank you Crochet Conversion Chart US/UK International Yarn Weight Conversion Chart
I hope you enjoy using this pattern and if you are looking for other free patterns please visit Crochet Pattern Central



Clara said...

Very nice. I'm going to make some. Thanks you so much.

You can also show this on my new Crafty Links blog!

Yaya Yarns said...

I am going to try this tonight!! Thanks

Donna said...

Very nice, thank you. I'd like to make one this evening, and if I like making it, I'll write for permission to post on my blog if that is OK with you?
Blessings, Donna