Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Big Chill & Cosy Blankets

It sure is cold outside – I wonder what the weather is like in your part of the world? Here in my part of the world this is day 47 of snow on the ground. I can’t remember a winter like it before. I’m soooooooooo cold.
I guess this isn’t really that surprising given the temperatures outside and the fact we didn’t have any heating other than 1 room with a wood burner for weeks. Heating oil was like gold dust in December.
So there’s only one thing to do in a situation like this and it’s make blankets. There is method in my madness – whilst making a blanket it actually keeps you warmSmile
So if you feeling like getting cosy under a blanket or even want to get crocheting then why not visit my Etsy Shop for ideas and inspiration.
Whatever the weather is like in your world – keep cosy this winter.
Granny Smith Apple Green Granny.
Rainbow Hexagon Blanket.
Roby Retro Granny Blanket.
Retro Black Floral Granny.
J’adore Floral Granny.


Ronda Kisner said...

I live in Minneapolis, MN. It is 20°F (-6.67°C) here. We have had snow since early November. I expect we will have it until at least late March, but it could be early April before it melts.

I am spending the day crocheting slippers!

JacBer said...

I'm in New Zealand and man it's sticky at the moment - it makes it hard to get the yarn out for anything big :-)
I love to make blankets in the winter to keep me warm and yours are lovely!

Kristin said...

All of your blankets look fabulous, but I especially love the third one! I will never forget crocheting a blanket in the summertime while 7 months pregnant... I was hot! lol

glor said...

How beautiful! They certainly are treasures ... I especially like the keeping warm while making them!

Tilly Rose said...

Oooh I soooo love your green granny blanket...
I love the colours!
Hope it helps you snuggle up and keep warm my lovely
x x x

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, my ... surely you didn't make all those blankets in the last 45 days ....if you did, I wonder how many mph you can do with a crochet hook :-)

These are lovely! I've been crocheting too, but I find I can't do it well if my hands are cold and have to crank up the heat even though my body doesn't need it (natural insulation, aka fat) Bye for now!

Simply Me said...

I live in Oliver Springs , TN. This winter hs been the snowiest one in a long time. We have been out of school for three days and it looks like there is no relief in site. So making a blanket is a good thing when you are stuck inside. Hopefully I will get my patterns I won from you soon and I can start a new project Your work is beautiful!

Dorothy said...

I am in Canberra, Australia. Our country is in crisis at the moment - major floods in Queensland and the city of Brisbane is flooded and expected to peak in the next 24 hours (google queensland floods), some areas of northern NSW also flooded .. bush fires in Western Australia and rain and minor flooding elsewhere in the country. We're safe here in Canberra but my heart goes out to all those people who have lost everything.

Mausie1 said...

Oh what lovely lovely blankets. I love the hexagon one,,, and yes I watch the german news and see how the weather is in europe.,.. ouch.,.. we currently have -4 degrees in South Texas... which is not often that happens.. like once or twice a winter. but it will go up again today and of course no snow.. never snows here . wish it did...lol.. stay safe and warm.,.. Hugs from South Texas,,Birgit

Tink's Stuff said...

lv the granny squares