Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A new take on Granny introducing Grandad.


For the past couple of months I’ve been thinking about how to adapt the wonderful granny square for men. There are times when men and boys need to be comforted but I’ve been informed, the humble granny square just doesn’t cut the mustard, according to my youngest son. I’m fairly certain the most men in need of comfort or healing would not be the happy recipients of a prayer shawl etc.


So a couple of months ago I began to play with different ideas and decided the design should come down to either colour or texture or both. My first Grandad blanket, shown here, was made in bright colours but I still think it’s rather special and very adaptable to all manner needs and uses.


You can get the pattern at ravelry and Etsy.


This pattern has been designed to be a more masculine version of the wonderful granny square. It’s ribbing and texture are lovely to behold and quite tactile. A very adaptable pattern for various applications blankets, throws, cushions covers, lap blankets etc.

The nature of the square means that it is quite dense and produces a thick and warm blanket.


Clara said...

What a great idea. Your son was absolutely right. Thanks for this.

glor said...

Wow, what a beautiful job you did. I think this is perfect. So many color combos to think of for the guys. Absolutely perfect!

Marion said...

Thank you for the nice Pictures...
Wow...a Great Work.

Annemarie's Blog said...

It's gorgeous!