Monday, 25 October 2010

Ruby Retro Granny Square Blanket Pattern.


This ruby retro style granny blanket is made up of 49 squares. The blanket can easily be scale up or down to 16 squares – 20”, 25 squares - 24.5”, 36 squares - 29”, 64 squares – 38”, 81 squares – 42.5”, 100 squares – 47”

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Millie D said...

that is beautiful.

Susan said...

Hello To Scotland!!!

I'm writing from Ohio. We would love to go to Scotland someday.

what's it like there this time of year? We're getting ready for a storm here & high winds here.

Love the afghan!!!


Clara said...


Pink Feather Paradise said...

love the colours... its gorgeous!

x Alex

The Sunroom said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments :-) Susan it's bgetting very wintery in Scotland the days are shortening at an alarming pace and the clocks change agin this weekend and so we will be into exceptionally short days :-( The woodburner is burning away and I'm busy working my way through a mountain of crochet blankets :-)

Anonymous said...

lovely and bright! really like it!