Saturday, 16 October 2010

Blanket Busy

It seems like a while since I did much blogging so thought I would have a quick update. The weather here in Scotland has definitely turned as we head through autumn and towards the chilly months. Consequently I’ve had lots and lots of requests for blankets and am busy working on about five different blankets.
207-0717_IMGThis one is going to be a rather large granny square blanket for number three son. He wanted a blanket that wasn’t girly so despite the pink I’m just stash busting but using black in between each colour. I quite like the effect but there is still much work to be done and I’m almost out of black yarn :-(
207-0718_IMGI’m also busy working on a very thick chunky granny blanket for number two son who is more interested in practicalities (warmth) than appearance. I haven’t managed to photograph his blanket yet but it’s thick, red, bright and grows ridiculously quickly.
207-0722_IMGI’m also busy working on a floral vintage style granny square blanket – now you can see why I’m almost out of black yarn.
207-0724_IMG Lots done but still lots to be completed.
My Mirasol blanket which I began in April has been consigned to the WIP (work in progress) pile for way too long. I will turn my hand to that in the next couple of weeks and the weather no doubt becomes harsher. Pictures to follow.

And finally Happy Birthday to number one son :-) The photograph is somewhat dodgy but pinched from his facebook profile pics.


Susan said...

Those are very nice!!!


blackberry said...

My kids erupt like human volcanos when I pinch from their pages :)

Clara said...

What a handsome young man! Love the blankets. They really have a quality look to them.

Sharon said...

I love these blankets with the black in them ~ even though I'm a pastel sort of girl mostly! I recently bought a load of black yarn to make 'something' ~ haven't quite decided what yet, though LOL

Hahnsmum said...

Like the colour combination,,Very bright ..