Monday, 23 August 2010

A Hideous Weekend for us and the Bats.

They say a picture paints a 1000 words and so there are a few words here. On Saturday night just before midnight we had strangers banging on our door to let us know that some passing pyromaniac had decided to set one of our hedges on fire. As you can see the fire took over very quickly and the fire brigade took a while to arrive. Needless to say the hedge has been totally devastated.

What concerns me is that someone in there right mind could do something so mindless and destructive. It also concerns me that all the bats that lived in the hedge no longer have a home in my garden.  A truly horrible weekend :-(





Fire photo’s courtesy of Sam-E who actually had the foresight to capture the photos as we all ran around trying to put the fire out.

202-0225_IMG 202-0234_IMG




Ana Luisa said...

what a total idiot. I hope gets some of the same someday.

Gemma said...

Oh how awful and completely horrible. Why would someone do such a thoughtless thing?

nannykim said...

Oh, that IS so sad. Do you think it happened by accident--like a cigarette butt or something.

Linda Gilbert said...

I am so sorry you have suffered from such mindless destructive people. I can only imagine how sad and violated you feel
Kindest Regards Linda

Doris Sturm said...

Obviously nobody in their right mind did that - they are miserable excuses for human beings. I wonder if they knew bats lived in that hedge and they wanted them gone? ...or was it just some drunkard or pyro who couldn't help himself? Either way, it's terrible...did you see any bats fly away? They are excellent pollinators as well as natural pest control. Some people simply overreact towards bats and ignorance is a very dangerous thing!

Blossy said...

Sometimes I forget that there are total idiots out there that just love doing really stupid things.
I'm just glad that the fire didn't spread to your home.

Barbara said...

How totally rotten of someone!! I will never understand how some people can be such jerks.

Hugs XX
Moore Whimsies

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Thoughtless, mindless idiots that have no concern for concenquenses... I hope all the bats were able to get out in time... do you have anywhere for some bat boxes? I think there are a fair few kits online...

Perhaps someone just dislikes fir hedges?

hope you get it all sorted out soon and big hugs to you and yours...

x Alex